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CYBRAL GUARD is an AI-driven system for data discovery, classification, and protection. It scales data discovery & classification across the organization’s endpoints, whether on-prem or on the cloud. Organizations make use of Cybral Guard to have visibility on their undercover data, detect its sensitivity & remediate data risks.


Cybral Guard labels potential threat files, Searches for regulated data such as PII & PHI, and classifies sensitive data according to your business needs in many formats like emails, office files, pdf, scanned documents, images, audio and video files. It monitors all the data in use or at rest, classifies them, and tracks if any update in the content is made to re-classify and assure that no sensitive information can be leaked.


Using Guard, organizations stay compliant with the most demanding mandatory data regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, CCPA and more. Guard supports integration with DLP, Access Control & Encryption software tools to enforce data-aware policies. So organizations can safely use their data, share it internally or externally, or move to the cloud with sensitivity-specific protection.


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