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Guard your assets

secure your data and stay compliant

Latest advances in AI & Machine Learning put in place to discover sensitive and regulated information, classify your data, monitor and protect it. Safeguarding your most valuable assets



Cybral Guard    finds sensitive data such as PII PHI and PFI in both structured and unstructured formats. Cybral Guard scans emails, office files, pdf files, text files scanned documents and image files and classifies them according to your business needs. It classifies, updates, and reclassifies all data to prevent data leaks.

Guard helps organizations to stay compliant with strict data regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, CCPA, and others. Cybral Guard enables other data security tools to implement more granular and data-aware policies, such as DLP, Access Control, and Encryption tools.


Data Under Guard

Images &
Scanned Documents

Codes files  

Outlook emails
and attachments

Office Files

PDF files  

CYBRAL GUARD   is an Automated AI Model Training and Deployment for Enhanced Data Security


CYBRAL GUARD    automatically and continuously trains, updates, and deploys advanced AI models to keep increasing its accuracy and minimize false positives, without the need for manual human efforts.

This enables businesses to keep sensitive data secure without sacrificing productivity.


Too many regulations – how to comply?

Guard enables businesses to comply with multiple privacy and security regulations, avoiding the risk of sensitive data loss, expensive fines, and reputational damage. With Guard, companies can meet mandatory data regulations and maintain their compliance posture.

Data Regulations Map


 Lots of data – but what is most sensitive?

CYBRAL GUARD   provides a solution to the challenge of identifying and locating sensitive data within terabytes or petabytes of data scattered across different locations. Without visibility, it is difficult to know what sensitive data exists, and where it resides. By implementing Guard, businesses gain full visibility on the "What," "Where," and "Who" questions of their sensitive data, enabling them to effectively manage and secure their data.


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