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Automation and Cybersecurity: How does CYBRAL revolutionize data protection?

Automation and Cybersecurity: How does CYBRAL revolutionize data protection?
Automation and Cybersecurity: How does CYBRAL revolutionize data protection?

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, organizations face growing cybersecurity challenges that demand innovative and efficient solutions. The combination of automation and cybersecurity has emerged as a powerful approach to fortify data protection strategies.

CYBRAL, a leader in harnessing the power of AI, deep machine learning, and reinforcement learning, has developed advanced platforms to automate critical cybersecurity services.

By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, CYBRAL empowers organizations to proactively detect vulnerabilities, shield valuable assets, and ensure robust data protection.

CYBRAL STORM™: Uncovering Weaknesses and Strengthening Defenses:

CYBRAL STORM™, an AI-driven platform, serves as an automated offensive security simulation tool.

Its patent-pending capabilities revolutionize the identification of potential attack paths that external hackers might exploit, as the platform's threat intelligence engine collects data from the dark web and leaked sources, relating it to an organization's assets.

Meanwhile, the Continuous Attack Surface Management engine monitors and discovers all assets across the attack surface, providing a dynamic and visualized network topology graph.

By continuously running various engines, CYBRAL STORM™ identifies social engineering risks, evades Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), and locates exposed brands in need of protection.

Our solution remains up-to-date with the latest threats and vulnerabilities, correlating assets to vulnerabilities and ranking them based on severity, impact, and exploitability.

This comprehensive approach enables organizations to visualize assets based on risk levels, empowering proactive risk mitigation.

CYBRAL GUARD™: Protecting Valuable Data through AI-driven Classification:

CYBRAL GUARD™, another AI-driven platform by CYBRAL, focuses on discovering, classifying, and protecting sensitive data within organizations based on international standards or user-defined policies.

Powered by advanced deep learning algorithms and large language models, CYBRAL GUARD™ processes vast amounts of data with speed and accuracy, additionally, its learning capabilities continuously adapt to new information, reducing false positives, and improving accuracy over time.

The solution scales data discovery and classification across the organization's network, whether on-premises or in the cloud, as it provides visibility into collective data, detects its sensitivity, masks sensitive information, classifies files, and remediates data risks.

CYBRAL GUARD™ actively searches for regulated data, identifies files requiring protection under mandated regulations, and classifies sensitive data in both structured and unstructured formats.

CYBRAL GUARD™ also monitors data in use or at rest, ensuring ongoing protection and tracking any content updates.

To enhance data security, the platform integrates with third-party vendors to provide encryption, data loss prevention, and data backup functionalities, where its integration with Microsoft AIP extends classification and discovery features to non-office files and on-premises data, additionally, integration with IBM Guardium Data Protection facilitates a unified classification and reporting process across files and databases.

The Symbiotic Relationship: CYBRAL STORM™ and CYBRAL GUARD™

CYBRAL STORM™ and CYBRAL GUARD™ work together seamlessly, forming a robust defense against cyber threats.

When malicious files or malware are detected by CYBRAL GUARD™, it signals CYBRAL STORM™ to re-evaluate the network for any new critical attack paths, this dynamic interaction ensures that organizations can proactively respond to evolving threats and strengthen their defenses.

AI-Expert Chatbot and Automation: Empowering Cybersecurity Excellence

To further enhance cybersecurity practices, CYBRAL provides an AI-powered chatbot that offers immediate responses to key cybersecurity challenges.

The chatbot leverages the expertise of CYBRAL's AI and automation capabilities, providing recommendations and best practices to protect against internal and external threats.

CYBRAL's commitment to achieving the highest accuracy, speed, and minimum false positives, along with its focus on minimizing data required for machine learning, ensures optimal results for organizations seeking robust data protection.

Automation and cybersecurity have become inseparable allies in the battle against modern threats. CYBRAL's AI-driven platforms CYBRAL STORM™ and CYBRAL GUARD™, revolutionize data protection by automating critical cybersecurity services.

Through the continuous identification of vulnerabilities and the protection of valuable assets, organizations can defend against evolving cyber threats. Embracing the power of AI and automation, CYBRAL empowers organizations to achieve data security excellence in an increasingly interconnected world.

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