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About Us

Cybersecurity has emerged as a crucial concern, capturing the attention of organizations regardless of their size, geographical presence, or industry. Consequently, the world is seeking ways to enhance the efficiency, affordability, and widespread availability of cybersecurity solutions. Artificial Intelligence and Automation are essential in achieving these objectives.

CYBRAL   was founded precisely to address these needs.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence to acquire knowledge and expertise in the realm of cybersecurity best practices, Cybral provides software products and solutions that incorporate intelligent algorithms and learning capabilities. This allows for the automation of cybersecurity services in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


Founded in January 2022, CYBRAL  emerges as a ground-breaking Cyber Security company at the forefront of the AI and Hybrid Cloud. Our mission is to revolutionize the industry by developing AI-driven solutions that automate traditionally human-performed tasks.


With an unwavering commitment to continuous Machine Learning, our AI technology achieves unparalleled accuracy, and near-zero false positives, and operates at exceptional speeds, 24/7, 365 days a year, with no human intervention required.


As pioneers in AI-first technology, our Data Scientists have invented, implemented, and patented advanced AI algorithms that combine DML, RL, LLMs, Generative AI, and other complex techniques. These cutting-edge solutions drive and automate offensive security simulation, identification of attack paths, pre and post exploitation vulnerabilities, sensitive data discovery, data classification and protection.


Our versatile platforms can be deployed from the Cloud, either SaaS or within an organization, or on-premises, catering to diverse operational preferences. Additionally, our platforms feature open connectivity, enabling seamless integration with third-party software companies. By leveraging Cybral's products, these partners can enhance their offerings and deliver comprehensive security solutions.


While our primary focus is safeguarding large enterprises, we are equally dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized organizations that lack in-house cybersecurity expertise or find it challenging to afford external consultants.



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